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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pikmin Onion and Pellet

Hello! Thank you for visiting my papercraft blog. :) Today I have not one, but two papercrafts for you! These two papercrafts go together as a set. The first (and the biggest) is a Pikmin Onion, from my favorite video game series, Pikmin. When Pikmin (which are half plant) bring a dead enemy body or pellet (that's what the second papercraft is, which is why they go together as a set) to the Onion, it magically sucks it up and uses it to plant Pikmin into the ground, which you can then proceed to pluck, gaining a new friend or two. :) 
Here are the links:

Pikmin Onion-Blue:
Pikmin 10 Pellet-Blue (Onion scale):

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