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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Iconic First Battle

Every video game has a first battle. Almost all of them are as unforgettable as the game itself. This papercraft is a diorama of the first battle in plants vs zombies. The first level is quite easy- you get introduced to how the game works, plant a peashooter, and defeat a zombie or two. Immediately after playing that level I knew that this game was destined to have a series of papercrafts made based on it. After hearing the request of Poe, from the nintendo papercraft forum, I knew that a diorama would be an awesome papercraft to make. So, I created textures, saved images, and screencapped until I got the perfect textures for the diorama. the result is shown in the pictures on the right.
    The papercraft is easy to make-make a rectangle, glue on the fence, and cut out the two pieces- but the resulting model's awesomeness can only be understanded in real life. Have fun!


Download here:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I made this a month ago but never got around to posting it. Sorry!

...uh... We all know who kirby is, right? I would hope so... anyway, if you don't, here's kirby in a sentence: Kirby sucks up his enemies and swallows them to copy their abilities. Tell me if you want any hats/weapons for the copy abilities in the chatbox! Enjoy! :)



Download here:

Wall Nut and Tall Nut

HOORAY! I'm back from vacation and I am not busy anymore! Also, I HAVE LEARNED HOW TO TEXTURE! :D I will try and make lots of crafts to make up for the lack of updates. These are papercrafts of a Wall-nut and a very similar plant, a Tall-Nut, from Plants vs Zombies.

In this game, (cartoonish, funny) zombies are attacking your house! To defend your self, you... grow plants? O_o The "Nut" plants act as barriers to protect your other plants. Zombies take a long time to eat them, and, believe it or not, they enjoy getting eaten! I've only built the Wall-NUt, but the Tall-Nut is a taller recolor of the Wall-Nut, so it should be buildable too. Enjoy! :)


**/***** It's really hard to close!

Download here: