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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wall Nut and Tall Nut

HOORAY! I'm back from vacation and I am not busy anymore! Also, I HAVE LEARNED HOW TO TEXTURE! :D I will try and make lots of crafts to make up for the lack of updates. These are papercrafts of a Wall-nut and a very similar plant, a Tall-Nut, from Plants vs Zombies.

In this game, (cartoonish, funny) zombies are attacking your house! To defend your self, you... grow plants? O_o The "Nut" plants act as barriers to protect your other plants. Zombies take a long time to eat them, and, believe it or not, they enjoy getting eaten! I've only built the Wall-NUt, but the Tall-Nut is a taller recolor of the Wall-Nut, so it should be buildable too. Enjoy! :)


**/***** It's really hard to close!

Download here:



  1. I think it might beeasier with the same type of layout the paperpokes apple was.

  2. The link is broken! please re-sube the link!!! PLEASE VERY PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Thanks for watching.