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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Exclusive #1: Gabyoall

egGreetings! Congratulations! Since you are looking at my blog and not just my topic in the Nintendo Papercraft forum, you have earned a special treat: a Gabyoall from Mega Man! I will continue to occasionally release new blog exclusives, so check back often! :)
A Gabyoall patrols a stretch of land. It either goes left or right, and can't change its direction manually. Instead, whenever it hits a wall, it bounces off and its direction changes. Whenever Mega Man goes onto the stretch of land that the Gabyoall patrols, the Gabyoall speeds up so that it can catch up to Mega Man. To make them even more annoying, they're indestructible! This papercraft is very easy, so you should have no problem with it. Enjoy!

Difficulty(out of five stars):
Download here:


Today I have a new papercraft for you! It is a Scarfy from one of my favorite video game series, Kirby! Scarfies are cute little orange things that fly around. They are very friendly and don;t even pay attention to you... until you try and suck them up. Then, they turn a beige color, grow fangs, and change thier face so that they only have one eye. They also do this if you get very close to them. Fortunately, I have made you the cute, harmless version of the Scarfy. It is a very easy craft that only took me about 20 minutes to make. The only hard part is closing it.

Difficulty (out of five stars):

Download it here: